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Ty and yes of course the beach is Happy Bay beach on St Maartin, the french (northwest side) Near friars bay, happy bay is only accessible by 15 minute hike, or boat. While it is not technically nude no one gives you a problem. Lost of jets skis pulled up while i was there with my wife we wer nude they were not but there were few other s nude on the beach. Yes would love that.Love being naked with clothed people Have managed to chat while naked and even got one lady to take Some photos of me xxx. Probably not but I know I would Like it. Would be hot if My wife would take pictures of you sucking my cock too but i doubt she would . Thx for the comment. Best things for me too. I feel more naked outside, and with others dressed. Have masterbated, in front of both. Love st martin. Been there 5 times but never to happy beach . Will have to visit next time. Graet picture.